pila iacientia

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Here are the other pics from my camera

Finis Germaniae

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Here is a bit a Latin used to elevate the importance of what one has to say.  Speaking about Germany’s actions just before World War I, Hollweg was arguing with the other German mucky-mucks about what they should be doing.

Reich Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg was not convincing them:

… meinte vor allen Dingen, daß die Zahl der . . . U-Boote nicht genüge . . . Bethmann sah im Geiste sämtliche neutralen Völker vereint gegen uns, den tollen Hund unter den Völkern, aufstehen. Das sei dann Finis Germaniae.”

He… meant, above all, that the number of… submarines are not enough… Bethmann saw in the spirit of all the neutral nations united against us, the great dog among peoples, stand up. That was then Finis Germaniae. “


Javelin Throw!

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Tuesday we meet to discuss this event and Wednesday, hopefully, a contest at the outdoor classroom with Pizza — 1$ a slice — and free hot apple cider!

Here are the pics and movies from last year at our wiki .  You have to be a member.  Below is one pic to whet your appetite.

Grant makes a great throw

Here are the former posts about Javelin throwing!

They good people downtown have finally created pages on the new school webspace for my classes, so you should go there now. I will be trying to move much of the material from here and the wiki over to the new site over the next few weeks. 

You can, of course, just go to http://centralhs.knoxschools.org/ and navigate to your class site.  The naming conventions are confusion and dumb.  2nd Period, your class is S120.  3rd Period, yours is S130.

See if this link works to take you to the 2nd period class site.  I will allow comments this weekend to see if we can facilitate the switch over as quickly as possible.  Also, let me know if you receive an email reminder about the upcomming exams!

Theseus cartoon thing

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